About the Initiative

Property Tax Relief for Arizona’s Senior Citizens


The American Dream Act Arizona eliminates property taxes on the Arizona primary legal residence of United States citizens over the age of 65.

This is a Citizens Initiative and constitutional amendment so we need to collect about 360,000 valid petition signatures from registered voters throughout the state in order to qualify for the 2020 ballot.

Facts and Figures

The American Dream Act Arizona official filing


The American Dream Act Arizona initiative text, Click to read

This is the initiative text as filed with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office.   A copy of this text is attached to each petition we circulate so registered voters can read exactly what we are proposing.

The text with lines drawn through it is what we are eliminating.  Text in all capital letters is important to read as this is what we are adding.  All the other text that is in normal upper and lower case is existing constitutional law.

You may find things in the existing law that you like or dislike but we offer no opinion on it.  We are only addressing and changing property tax laws that affect US citizens aged 65 and older.


Legislation signed by Governor Ducey does not affect our initiative

Governor Ducey recently signed legislation that places additional requirements on paid petition signature collectors  This does not impact the American Dream Act AZ.  We are all volunteers and do not have to register with the Secretary of State before collecting signatures.

Senior Citizens Property Tax Relief Act

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